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College Credit Outlines

Music, Applied

ID Title
MV_A 1000 Applied Preparatory I
MV_A 1200 Applied Secondary I
MV_A 1300 Applied Principal I
MV_A 1400 Applied Major I
MV_A 2000 Applied Preparatory III
MV_A 2200 Applied Secondary III
MV_A 2300 Applied Principal III
MV_A 2400 Applied Major III

ID Title
MV_B 1000 Applied Preparatory II
MV_B 1200 Applied Secondary II
MV_B 1300 Applied Principal II
MV_B 1400 Applied Major II
MV_B 2000 Applied Preparatory IV
MV_B 2200 Applied Secondary IV
MV_B 2300 Applied Principal IV
MV_B 2400 Applied Major IV

Keyboard; Keyboard Piano

ID Title
MVK 1811 Introduction to Class Piano I (for non-music majors)
MVK 1812 Introduction to Class Piano II (for non-music majors)
MVKA 1111 Class Piano I
MVKA 2121 Class Piano III
MVKB 1111 Class Piano II
MVKB 2121 Class Piano IV


ID Title
MVPB 1211 Applied Secondary Percussion II

Strings; Strings Guitar

ID Title
MVSA 1116 Class Guitar I
MVSA 1216 Applied Secondary Guitar I
MVSB 1116 Class Guitar II
MVSB 1216 Applied Secondary Guitar II

Strings; Strings Violin

ID Title
MVSA 1311 Applied Principal Violin I
MVSB 1311 Applied Principal Violin II
MVSA 2321 Applied Principal Violin III
MVSB 2321 Applied Principal Violin IV

Strings; Strings Viola

ID Title
MVSA 1312 Applied Principal Viola I
MVSB 1312 Applied Principal Viola II


ID Title
MVVA 1111 Class Voice I
MVVB 1111 Class Voice II

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