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Curriculum Outline Review Process

Forms and Additional Information

The 2014-15 Outline Review process is now closed. Thank you for your particicpation in this College-wide review project.


All courses participating in the College Curriculum Course Outline Review Process must submit a Signature Page to Curriculum Services affirming the course was reviewed and selecting if any changes are required. Required signatures are noted on the form. Please return the original signed signature page to Curriculum Services, Administrative Offices, Room 301P.

If during review, a course is determined as necessitating a major change or course inactivation, a Curriculum Proposal Review Form is necessary along with submission to the Curriculum Committee.

Additional curriculum forms, including the current Course Learning Outcomes Assessment form, can be found here.

Please return signed forms, along with any additional required information, to Naomi Sleap when finalized. Return the original signed signature page to Curriculum Services, Administrative Offices, Room 301P. Contact Curriculum Services at (904) 361-6252 if you have any questions during the course review process.

Note: PDF form files require Adobe Reader software. Download the free Adobe Reader from Adobe’s website. Apple Preview will not be compatible with fillable PDF forms.


Access to current official course outlines are available for the following:

Effective Fall Term 2014 (20151), Curriculum Services will no longer require the listing of Florida Department of Education frameworks at the end of workforce course outlines. The previous listing of frameworks will be replaced with a link to the state frameworks by Curriculum Services staff. For the 2014-2015 College Course Outline Review, you are encouraged to review and compare the current state frameworks related to courses during your review listed at FLDOE: Career and Technical Education Curriculum Frameworks. All adult education outlines must follow the frameworks as listed at FLDOE: Adult Education Curriculum Frameworks.

Instructions and Helpful Tips

Questions to facilitate a course review

Please use the examples document to help you identify the types of changes you may encounter in the course outline review process. These examples do not account for all possible scenarios. If you have a question and require further guidance on identifying your specific type of change and the required forms, please call Curriculum Services at (904) 361-6252 or via email at nsleap@fscj.edu.

As you participate in the review process, the following suggested questions are provided for the benefit of facilitating a course outline review:

  1. Has the course been offered within the last three years? If not, should the course be inactivated?
  2. Does the course title accurately reflect the course description or content?
  3. Is the current Catalog Description accurate and reflective of the course content and theory? Is it written using complete sentences?
  4. Do the listed prerequisites accurately describe those courses a student must have taken in order to successfully complete the course requirements?
  5.  Do the listed corequisites accurately describe the course in which a student must be concurrently enrolled in order to successfully complete the course requirements?
  6. Is the course content, as described in the course outline, an accurate reflection of the current classroom concepts and topics?
  7. Is the course content taught in accordance with a core of student learning outcomes that are common to all sections of the course and listed in the outline?
  8. Is the scope of appropriate instructional presentation methods identified and described?
  9. Are evaluation methodologies described as they align with the course’s assignments, content, and student learning outcomes?
  10. If texts are appropriate, is complete information included and are these textbooks current? All textbooks should state “latest edition.”
  11.  Is the Course Learning Outcomes and Assessment (CLOA) form up to date? The updated CLOA form includes in Section 6 the identification of the type of outcome, whether General Education, Program, or course. If the course CLOA form does not include this updated information in Section 6, a new CLOA form must be completed. (see examples of a new and old form)
  12. Have CIP number changes occurred for the course or is the information missing?
  13. Are state frameworks changes reflected in the current outline?

Instructions for noting changes/revisions as part of the course outline review process:

  • Please keep in mind that all changes should be marked clearly using the strikethrough feature (e.g., strike through) to indicate delete and red font or yellow highlight to indicate add
  • Please do not use the “Tracked Changes” feature in Word; we will be unable to accept forms in that format. 
  • We request that you do not remove any implementation or modification dates currently on official course outlines. All dates are maintained for curriculum historical record of changes.
  • All official course outlines on file for the college’s curriculum is located on the Curriculum Services website along with blank course outline forms, CLOA forms, and curriculum proposal forms.
  • Should your course outline review determine that a major course change is necessary, which requires a proposal review form and submission to the Curriculum Committee, please contact Curriculum Services at (904) 361-6252 or via email at nsleap@fscj.edu for assistance in preparing your proposal review form.


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