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Curriculum Proposals

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September 28, 2017

I-2017-01 Entrepreneurship (6254) (T.C.) Program Inactivation Melissa Cochrane
I-2017-02 Career Education for Students with Disabilities (5299) (PSAV) Program Inactivation Michelle Kennedy-Johnson and Tiffany Hunter
2017-01 Computer Information Technology (2153) (A.S.) and Information Technology Management (S301) (B.A.S.) Program Modification to Add Programming in Python (COP 2030C) New Course David Singletary
2017-03 I.T. Security (2158) (A.S.) Program and Course Modification Wally Eaton, John Vail, Chris Lee and Shed Halloway
2017-05 Course Modifications (ELL Prefix) within the Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (8500) (N.C.); Adult ESOL College and Career Readiness (8501) (N.C.); Citizenship (8520) (N.C.); and English Literacy for Career and Technical Education (ELCATE) (8503) (N.C.) Meredith Moore, Catherine Rifkin, and Aleen Marsh
2017-06 GED® Integrated Preparation: High School Equivalency Program (8517) (N.C.) Program Modification and New Course Additions Barbara Summers and Deana Waite

October 19, 2017

2017-04 Educator Preparation Institute (F222) Program Reactivation and Course Modifications Shannon Groff and Betina Malhotra
2017-07 Computer Information Technology (60) (2153) (A.S.); Web Development Specialist (6954) (T.C.); Database Development Specialist (6955) (T.C.); Computer Programming Specialist (6956) (T.C.); Information Technology Support Specialist (6280) (T.C.); and Information Technology Analysis (6281) (T.C.) Program modifications to add new courses SQL Server II - Programming (CTS 2438) and SQL Server III – Administration (CTS 2439) to elective offerings Steve Mannion
2017-08 Child Psychology (DEP 2002) Course Modification Troianne Grayson and Ann Brown

November 16, 2017

2016-38 Human Services (T500) (B.S.) Program and Course Modifications Rebecca Ford and Tara Haley
2017-02 Experiential Studies in Governmental and Legislative Affairs (IDS 2949) New AA Elective Course Cynthia Counsil and Andrew Holt
2017-09 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (2251) (A.S.) Program Modification Thomas McCrone

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